Don’t Let Your Criminal Charge Detain Your Future

Trust your defense to Heath Wilding, Attorney at Law

When you need a criminal defense attorney in your corner with exceptional skills in the Stockton courtroom, look no further than Heath Wilding, Attorney at Law. Our lawyer has the knowledge and expertise to get the best possible outcome in your criminal case. Focusing on defending you against drug, violent and sex crimes as well as DUI charges, Heath Wilding, Attorney at Law is the professional you need in your legal corner.

Did a night of fun in Stockton, CA, land you in hot water?

Let our attorney negotiate lesser charges for you

While everyone likes to have a night out on the town, sometimes that good time can lead to a night behind bars. If you were arrested for DUI, you need a criminal defense attorney to protect your driving rights and save you hundreds on increased insurance rates and fees. DUIs have serious consequences, like hindering your ability to gain employment in the future. Instead of gambling with your driving privileges and freedom, call Heath Wilding, Attorney at Law today.

Protect your reputation and your privileges

Fight the sex crime you’ve been charged with

Being charged with a sex crime is a serious offense that comes with severe consequences. Even if you are wrongfully accused, a criminal charge can destroy your reputation. Don’t stand by while your name is dragged through the mud when you can call the professional at Heath Wilding, Attorney at Law in Stockton, CA. Our lawyer will work hard to get a successful outcome in your case.

Worried your violent criminal charge will hinder your future?

Our attorney knows that you’re innocent until proven guilty

Hiring a lawyer the moment you’ve been charged with a violent crime gives you fighting chance in the Stockton courtroom. Whether you were arrested for murder or you’ve been accused of kidnapping, you’ll find an exceptional legal professional at Heath Wilding, Attorney at Law. Possibly avoid prison time, substantial fines and loss of certain privileges when you hire Heath Wilding, Attorney at Law, a criminal defense professional in Stockton, CA.

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